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Shoes are true to size BUT please subject to EU sizes!

Jeans, caps and belts are true to size.


Clothes which size optioned from S-XL are true to size.(As shown in the picture below)


For the above Asian sizes:Clothes sized from S-XL are about:S=60-65kg, M=70-75kg, L=80-85kg,XL=90-100kg


Others are Asian sized and need a size up.(As shown in the pictures below)


For the above Asian sizes:

Clothes sized from M-2XL are about:M=50-60kg, L=60-70kg,XL=70-80kg, 2XL=80-90kg

Clothes sized from M-3XL are about:M=50-60kg, L=60-70kg,XL=70-80kg, 2XL=80-90kg, 3XL=90-100kg

Clothes sized from S-2XL are about:S=40-50kg, M=50-60kg, L=60-70kg,XL=70-80kg, 2XL=80-90kg

Clothes sized from S-3XL are about:S=40-50kg, M=50-60kg, L=60-70kg,XL=70-80kg, 2XL=80-90kg, 3XL=90-100kg

If you have any questions about sizing, please don't just choose!

Shipping to China from other countries is very expensive so we do not support exchanges!

Please contact our customer service on whatsapp or Instagram and send us your height and weight to make sure the sizing is exactly right before shipping!

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